Author: Christine Mertzlufft

The “ketchup effect” in the context of Corona vaccination strategies

Many politicians have frequently used war metaphors when communicating about the Corona crisis. That the use of combative metaphors in this context should be considered problematic has already been pointed out by Joachim Peters and me in several posts on our blog. Especially in relation to vaccination policy, combative metaphors do not seem to be […]

Queue-jumping and vaccination envy: framing and reframing the current vaccination discourse on a European level

In cooperation with Joachim Peters The media discourse around Covid-19 vaccination is currently dominated by two intertwined topics: On the one hand, there is not yet enough vaccine for all population groups and many people cannot wait until they are finally vaccinated. On the other hand, hesitant, if not downright negative, voices are being raised […]

Linguistic Insights: German government press releases on Corona issues are difficult to understand

In a study of German press releases on Corona issues, communication scientists from the University of Hohenheim revealed that the language used is difficult to understand. The study examined 1362 press releases from the German government and federal ministries from March 2020 to January 2021. All of the examined texts contained the words corona, covid-19, pandemic, and crisis. All […]