Data Analysis

Linguistic data analysis is our daily business – we deliver patient and HCP insights helping you to communicate in a way that meets your stakeholders’ needs.

In a modern healthcare market, data is an important currency. Understanding health discourses can also depend on adequate understanding of how actors communicate with each other. Competence in data analysis and data modelling helps to always be one step ahead. We combine data-driven consultancy based on linguistic analysis with a profound subject matter expertise in the German pharma and healthcare sectors, bridging the gap between analysis and execution, ideas and implementation.

  • In-depth qualitative linguistic analysis of market research outputs, such as IDIs, TDIs, Focus Groups
  • Text mining/quantitative analysis
  • Linguistic analysis of unstructured data sets, such as spontaneous doctor-patient interaction
  • Acoustic phonetic analysis of naturally occurring speech, also of prosodic features
  • Analysis of medical texts with regards to comprehensibility, terminology and semantics

We employ quantitative and qualitative methods such as: 

  • Ethnography at different levels of granularity (Conversation Analysis, Grounded Theory) 
  • Content analysis
  • Association rule mining
  • Text mining
  • Metaphor analysis
  • Frame analysis
  • Keyword analysis
  • Collocation analysis
  • Language-based statistics (inferential statistical analysis)
  • Analysis of phonetic and prosodic features