Linguistic consulting

As linguists, we keep a close eye both on language and culture. In medicine in particular, these two aspects cannot be separated. Every market and every healthcare system are unique. With our extensive market knowledge, we offer solutions tailored to the German healthcare market. Conveying complex ideas into comprehensible formats, communicating in a target group-oriented way, and uncovering cultural characteristics are our strengths. We support you with our consulting from the beginning to the end of a project and ensure that your language achieves the desired effect. We analyze each project individually and focus on your needs to convert the language of your product precisely into the target language. 

  • Optimization (style, native language) and localization of marketing and market research materials for the German markets
  • Medical writing 
  • Optimization of complex scientific texts
  • Language consultancy with regards to diversity topics, such as gender; accurately adapted to the German language
  • Strategic reports and insights to drive business 
  • Presentations with visual representations of key findings